About us

Goofap is an Adult Oriented Search Engine. To proceed, you must be 18 years of age or older.

We are a crawler and our goal is to track the Internet for adult content that is not shown by google. We know that google is not a good index of adult content and changed its screening policies for adult content to lower the maximum indexing these sites. If your site is adult content email us and we'll show your links and urls for all who seek this type of content.  Free yourself and help us grow. Publicize our site and maybe everyone will find new adult content only Goofap and you will find.


We have some important information:


We do not use any information coming from the internet search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing. All of our content is fetched by our robot, and this robot is uniquely configured for Goofap and nothing here is provided by any other internet search engine.

Our structure is only ours and we do not use the databases of Google, Yahoo or Bing, and other search engines make the internet and for this reason we do not have the same speed in the presentation of their search, but we guarantee that we show that you are seeking without the interference of major search engines.

Our content is not handled by Google, Yahoo or Bing, and for this reason we do not let anything get in and do every quest that is directed to adult content that is on the internet without nunhum kind of action either of preference or for any payment.

We do not want aber who you are and not interesa us know about you. You for us is a very important user, but you will always be anonymous and we will never reap its data or know where you are or what you want.

You are important, but you are here and always will be ANONYMOUS.


We are Goofap.com